Mackinac Island Organizations


Words cannot express how much Carole Erbel helped make my wedding absolutely "magical" (as the guests put it), and through our entire relationship, she behaved less like a wedding planner and more like a trusted friend—think a maid of honor with local contacts and fantastic organizational skills. Our original date was in 2020, postponed (Covid) until 2021, then again until 2022—and to complicate matters, as a destination wedding with an international guest list, we planned additional events that she also had to arrange—and then put off! Each year, Carole confirmed vendors' postponements within 24 hours, she sent follow-up emails indicating which invoice should be prioritized, she was always ready for group calls with my then fiance (now husband) and offered me so much moral support when I tearfully that realized many on my international guest list were still facing insurmountable barriers to coming. I absolutely, positively could not have managed any of it without Carole; she went so far above and beyond what is expected of any professional in any field, and my family and I will be forever grateful for her help. If you're looking to reduce your wedding stress, you simply cannot do any better.


If we could thank you in every language it wouldn't be enough. We hear everyday what a glorious time our wedding was, and know you were behind the scenes making sure everything was better than perfect. Because of your attention to detail and ability to think ahead, we were able to it as well. We will thank you forever…we will never, ever forget you and what you did for us. It was perfect.

Kristen and Billy