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Here are just a few of the testimonials received from my clients:

Taken from Wedding Wire...

"Carole Erbel is a top notch professional who is an absolute necessity for planning your wedding. She's well connected, highly organized, and managed our wedding with grace and ease. There's no way our wedding could have been anywhere close to how perfect it was without her.

We are so thankful to have worked with Carole in planning our wedding on Mackinac Island! She helped turn what seemed like a daunting task into a fun and low stress experience. She was always ready with advice, answers, and options whenever we had questions. She listened to what we wanted and helped make it happen. We knew we wanted cupcakes at our wedding and Carole convinced our wedding cake vendor (who no longer was doing cupcakes) to make them just for us. When we had an issue with customer service at a hotel, Carole stepped in and took care of the issue for us. Along the way Carole was always responsive, friendly and professional. Anytime I emailed her a question I would hear back within a few minutes. Carole seemed more like a good friend by the time our wedding came along and we were very happy to have her be a part of our special day. Our wedding day was a perfect fairy tale experience thanks to Carole's expertise. She coordinated the day down to the minute and was always in the right spot making sure everything went smoothly. I would 100% without a doubt HIGHLY recommend Carole to any bride and groom. We can't thank her enough for all of her hard work for our special day!"

Jane said... 
"Carole was absolutely AMAZING! My husband and I are from Ohio, and Carole found all of our vendors and facilitated working with them to meet our needs. Everyone that she found and all of the work that she did herself was professional and more than we could have ever hoped for. There were constant changes when planning our wedding and Caroly happily and skillfully managed each one. She made the day of the wedding flow as seamlessly as possible. There was no stress or any worries because she took care of everything. Carole goes above and beyond to make sure her customers have the perfect wedding. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone interested in getting married on Mackinac Island. She was perfect in every way!

You cannot find a better wedding coordinator on Mackinac Island!"

Alana said... 
"You won't find a better planner than Carole. You can rest assured everything will be handled efficiently and correctly...not to mention she is a genuinely wonderful person."

Julia said... 
"Carole and her team at For the Love of Mackinac made planning a long distance wedding truly a breeze! My friends and family commented on how relaxed I was, but it was because I knew that For the Love of Mackinac had everything covered, from setting up our photo table at the beginning of the day to packing up our personal crystal toasting flutes at the end of the night. Not only did they make sure that I was taken care of and the rest of the bridal party, but the guests as well, which allowed for everyone to enjoy the day."

Christine said... 
"Our wedding day would never have turned out to be as perfect as it was without Carole and For the Love of Mackinac! We worked with her starting 16 months out and she was attentive and helpful every step of the way! She made sure everything was flawless both leading up to and on the big day! I would never do something like this without her :) She's truly the best!"

Erika said... 
"Carole was fantastic. She was extremely professional and courteous throughout the planning process. She was a huge help finding the various vendors required for the wedding - all her suggestions were home-runs. Where she really shined was the day of. Unfortunately, rain showed up for our outdoor wedding but Carole did a speedy job of reorganizing the entire setup to the tent (reception location). Despite the tent ceremony, she and the hotel staff did an awesome job of decorating the location so the ceremony felt cozy and inviting. She also did a great job of keeping everything on track the day of so that we could enjoy one the best days in our life."

Susan said... 
"Carole (and vendors) handled our 4 day long wedding weekend on Maxkinac Island. If you are looking at this website for a review of Carole's service..... STOP......pick up the phone and call her to save your date!!! Hurry! If you miss out on having her (and all her vendors) plan and complete your wedding, you risk not experiencing the wedding of your dreams! She is impeccable in everything thing she does. Communication, attitude, knowledge, friendliness, budgeting, professionalism, respect, privacy.........we could go on and on to sell you on her. If you are planning a wedding on Mackinac Island.....she knows everyone & everything.....don't make the mistake of not having her help you! It's too big of a risk! Susan & Lance. Furthermore .......she is one of the nicest people God ever put breath in!"

Adrienne said... 
"Our wedding was the most perfect day I could ever imagine. Carole was a blessing to have, especially in the day of! She was extremely knowledgeable about everything Mackinac Island wedding. She even set up an opportunity to take some pictures with my favorite breed of horse! Having our wedding on Mackinac was an absolute amazing experience and we would totally recommend Carole to anyone who wants a spectacular stress-free day!"


"Our wedding would NOT have been possible without our wedding planner, Carole Erbel of For The Love of Mackinac. For as much as Don and I know and love the island, there is no way we could have coordinated 225 of our closest family and friends from the church to the cocktail hour to the reception without a hitch! Or, our band, photographers, flowers and cake to one location when we were planning for 8 hours away! We were so impressed and Carole's dedication allowed Don and I to relax and enjoy the day!"

Bride featured in Style Me Pretty

"You're the first thank you note we're writing, appropriately enough-you were a HUGE help to us, and we had so much fun working with you. Again, THANK YOU so much-I truly wouldn't have wanted to do the wedding without you and we both feel that hiring you was the best decision Carole with Bride and Groomthat we made!"

Kate and Dave
Aug. 2012

"Thank you again for EVVVVVVERYthing you did to make our day as perfect as it was! There isn't anything I would change…well, except for maybe my swollen feet! But everything was wonderful and we couldn't have done a fraction of it without you. You are just a rock star. That's all there is to it."

July 2012

"Joe and I can't thank you enough for all of your support and help as we have planned our wedding. You are not only our coordinator to us-you have become our friend."

Stephanie and Joe
June 2012

"I just got back to Michigan from my sister's wedding in Vail, Colorado and as lovely as it all was it made me remember how hiring you was one of the best decisions James and I made. Sometimes it is easy to forget just how much someone that works behind the scenes does! Nothing major went wrong but when the flowers were getting delivered, the ceremony was about to begin late, the food was running late, the cut sheet cake wasn't put out, etc. it made me realize how seamless our entire day was, thanks to you. After two months passing I still hear from guests how wonderful everything was and I completely agree. I am sure all brides think back about their wedding being perfect but I 100%, honestly feel ours really was perfect. I hope you are doing great and having a wonderful summer on that crazy rock! If James and I make it back up there this summer we should get a drink!"

May 2012

Gazebo Wedding


"We just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work. We appreciated your quick response to all our questions, & the help you & Karen provided for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, & reception. Everyone had a wonderful time, & we all could not believe how well everything went. It was a perfect day & the most enjoyable wedding we have ever experienced. You were even able to locate a great minister for us when we had almost given up finding one from our church. The staff at Mission Point provided excellent service along with all the other vendors you recommended. They were all very professional & so pleasant to work with. Again, thank you for everything."

Don & Sue Herald (groom's parents)
Sept. 2011

"The peace of mind you provided us on our wedding day alone was worth its weight in gold. Thank you for your calmness, efficiency, and attention to details, it all contributed to making the day perfect and memorable."

Emmanuele and John
Sept. 2011

Bride Hug"My heart rate went down a few notches when you were around! You were the only reason I could still have the wedding of my dreams during my 3rd year of law school!!"

August 2011

"We can't tell you how much we appreciate everything you did for us at Mackinac Island. I've never worked with such a professional have it down. You made everything so easy for us, getting the trailer onto the island, the ferry tickets, dinner, the timeline. You worked your fanny off, and it was a pleasure to have you. We hope to do it again. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Taryn Nash
Vegas All Stars Band
July 2011

"Thank you so much for everything. Everyone I spoke to after the wedding said it was by far the best wedding they've ever been to, and that is in a very large part due to you! We can never thank you enough for everything you did to make the entire weekend so special. Your suggestions and meticulous planning made for a fantastic celebration."

Sean and Stephanie
May 2011

"Carole, from the bottom of my heart thank you for everything you did. Thank you for taking the time to be with us on our day. Everything was so perfect and we will never forget all that you did to make our wedding day the best that it could be!"

Rick and Brenda
May 2010

"You walked into the room and your air of calm took over everything and all of us!"

June 2010

Carole and kids

"Although I grew up in Michigan, my husband and I lived in South Carolina while planning our wedding. Carole was an indispensable asset to us. She was able to connect us with a great network of reputable vendors, answer all of our logistics questions about an island wedding, and provide support and information throughout our planning process. We had a couple issues with our venue along the way, but Carole was able to fight those battles for us and ensure our wedding day went as planned. Additionally, having Carole around the day before and of the wedding meant that no one in the wedding or our family had to worry about ANYTHING. Carole made sure all the decorations were set up, coordinated the vendors, and was even there to help the guys figure out their pocket squares. We are so grateful to her, and encourage anyone getting married on Mackinac to employ Carole to help them with their festivities. Her fees are very reasonable, and for all the time and effort she put into our wedding, we would have been perfectly fine paying double!"

Angelina and Jerry
June 2010

"It's hard to believe we are at the journey's end of the wedding planning, but it was filled with fun, excitement, and love! We all have lifetime memories to cherish."

Scott and Kyle (parents of the bride)
July 2010

"We had such a wonderful weekend! Thanks for all you did. Mitch and I were just talking about how smooth it all went with the help of you and your assistant. You even were able to fix my shoe!! We had the best day of our lives."

Amanda and Mitch
August 2010

"I can't thank you enough for making our wedding work for us and our family. Jim and I talked half way home about how you were there helping us every step of the way until the end. Your personal attention to all of us was above and beyond our expectations. We'll keep in touch... "

Jim, Anita, Charles, and Drake
Aug. 2010

"Thank you so much for everything!!!!!! We had an amazing time on our honeymoon, just what we needed. We ended up going to Riviera Maya Mexico and stayed at an amazing resort- Secrets Maroma Beach. Everything was absolutely perfect for our big day and we have you to thank for that. We truly enjoyed working with you and our families couldn't have agreed more. The day went off without a hitch and that is without a doubt owed to you!!!!!!

April and Michael
June 2009

I wanted to say thank you again for making our wedding so memorable. Everything went perfectly! I am so happy you were there for us and made sure everything went as planned. Job well done!!! "

Emily and Michael
July 2009


"You are truly amazing at what you do! Keep up the great work. We will definitely be back to the Island. Richard and I are about to board the plane to Jamaica for our honeymoon. I will be in touch when we get back. I cannot tell you how much the wedding exceeded our expectations. It was a true fairy tale:) Lots of love,"

Leslie and Richard
July 2009

"Howdy from Texas! Well, it has been one year since "I do" and we constantly think back on a year ago and marvel at the tremendous work that you did! We are so incredibly thankful for everything you did! We couldn't have done it without you!"

Ronnie and Kristen
July 2009

"I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did as wedding coordinator for Adam and Erin. The weekend was absolutely perfect! We have viewed the photos from the photographer and they are superb! You pulled off a "fairy-tale" wedding. Again, thank you."

Dorthea C (Mother of the bride)
August 2009

"Thank you so much for everything!! We had such a fantastic time this weekend. Everything was just perfect - even the weather!! We couldn't have done it without you!!"

Dayna and Joe
June 2008

"I really don't know what to say other than you created the most BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT wedding I could ever have imagined! Your assistant, Kathy, was wonderful, and Matthew was absolutely AMAZING! I don't know how you did it, but even the weather was perfect and our children were happier than I've ever seen them together!! All of them, even Jess! Her and John had 2 incredibly beautiful bonding moments alone together this weekend. Totally unexpected! My heart is so full right now, I can't see what I'm typing.................. OK, I've compose myself. I am actually a little sad because I have loved working with you so much I don't want it to be over."

Rhonda and John
August 2008

"We are so happy that we hired you as our wedding planner. You were worth every penny that we paid and more. During the planning stages, you were a great source of information and advice and you answered our hundreds of questions promptly and thoroughly. With our vendors, you never let us settle and continued to search until you found us vendors that were right for us. You also took the initiative to get us better contractual terms where you could get them, which helped save us a significant amount of money (the fact that this, in turn, reduced your bottom line was not lost on us). Often you gave us invaluable advice and guidance on issues that you were not even directly involved with. Such efforts were greatly appreciated. As for the wedding day, you were a complete Godsend. Although we were both nervous, we were really able to relax and enjoy ourselves knowing that you were handling all the details and all the individuals and personalities involved. We had a fabulous band thanks to your relentless efforts to find a band that played both Spanish and American tunes, and as you can tell, everybody enjoyed the music and kept the dance floor packed. The instrumentalist/vocalist at the church was great and we know that it was his professional relationship with you in the past that brought him back out of wedding performance retirement. Although we have yet to see the finished products, the photographer and videographer seemed to be doing a great job and we hardly noticed them at all (just as we wanted). The reception room was beautiful, the cake was delicious, and we can go on and on. Throughout the whole process, you respected our wishes, yet told us respectfully but firmly when you thought we needed to do things differently. In addition to all the behind the scenes work you did leading up to the big day, you were there every step of the way during the ceremony and reception. You were a calm, quiet force making sure every detail was attended to."

Magda and Patrick
September 2008

"Thanks so much for everything, you were a star! I can't believe how hard you worked on the day and how seamless it was for us. Thank you so much, we had a great wedding and realized after just how much of a difference you made."

Michael and Amy
September 2008

Wedding"We could not imagine what this would be like without all of your help and guidance. We appreciate all of your input! You've been amazing!"

Sara and Kevin
July 2007

"We can't thank you enough for all your help on planning our wedding and making our wedding day go so smooth. We have had so many compliments about you. My Mom said so many wonderful things about you, too. It was so nice you walked her down to her chair at the beginning of the wedding…she was so thankful for that."

Mary and Terry
July 2007

"The wedding was idyllic….fairy tale stuff…we had a great time."

Michelle and Bob
June 2007

"We cannot thank YOU enough for all you have meant to us now and in the past. You made Amy's dream come true and made the wedding a perfect memory for all of us. …it was like a fairy tale. You orchestrated perfectly. A big "Mom hug" to you!"

Suzanne (mother of the bride)
June 2007

"What a great wedding we had! We are so grateful for your help in putting our wedding together! So many of our guests commented that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. I think the best thing was that you took the stress out of the day for us."

Jenny and Tim
June 2007

"Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding for Julie and Chris. It was exactly as they wanted. It was so great to enjoy the day and not worry about the details."

Linda and Gary (parents of the bride)
June 2007

"I was calm and secure throughout the entire planning process up through our wedding day because I knew you would have everything organized and finished! And your positive attitude in each of our meetings showed us the more important side of the planning process; the people who were part of our wedding in any sense, as a guest, family member, or team player, and how to treat each other are more important and more remembered than any wrinkled napkin or out of place flower! I grew up there and I still wouldn't know how to coordinate taxis! You were an enormous help and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to untangle my veil before walking down the aisle.

Tricia and Ben
September 2006

"If we could thank you in every language it wouldn't be enough. We hear everyday what a glorious time our wedding was, and know you were behind the scenes making sure everything was better than perfect. Because of your attention to detail and ability to think ahead, we were able to it as well. We will thank you forever…we will never, ever forget you and what you did for us. It was perfect."

Kristen and Billy
July 2006

"Thank you so much for making our wedding everything we dreamed of. It was absolutely perfect and we couldn't have done it without you."

Jennifer and Deke
June 2006

Corsage"We made incredible memories during our wedding on Mackinac Island that we will treasure forever. Without your expertise and guidance, our wedding wouldn't have been the same. We can't thank you enough, you truly made our fairy tale wedding come true!"

Paul & Kristina
October 2005

"Words can't express our gratitude for your professional and gracious manner in working with us to put together Mary & Chuck's wedding. There is no way we could have done it without you! From the largest to the smallest detail, you anticipated the need often before we thought of it ourselves – and executed everything in a timely manner."

Rick and Peggy (parents of bride)
May 2005

"You took care of every detail in a quick and efficient manner. Nothing was left for us to do or decide after we reached the island. A stressful wedding was actually turned into a weekend vacation for us because of your services. You took care of us and treated us as if we were family."

Harold and Ronnie Kay (parents of bride)
June 2005

"I know it's been a few weeks but, I wanted to sincerely thank you for helping Mark and I with our wedding. It was absolutely perfect and we could not have asked for a more memorable day."

Allison and Mark
July 2005

"Without Carole's help we never could have pulled off a 200+ person sunset cocktail cruise, a 50 person rehearsal luncheon, a 250 person ceremony, a cocktail hour on the front porch of the Grand Hotel, and a beautiful reception in the Theatre Room. She was awesome!"

Erin and Jason
August 2005

"You made my fairy tale wedding come true!"

Stuart Abelson (groom)
August 2005